Deep Dish Pizza… in a Crockpot?!

Hooooooboy, are you in for a treat! Well, to be more precise, WE were in for a treat last night.

My sweetheart and I were looking for recipes to make something in the crockpot this weekend. My go-to is kalua pork, but we wanted something different this time. I’ve heard you can make a decent brisket in the crockpot… but what else?

Then, while looking up the Pioneer Woman’s ( favorite crockpot recipes, we found one for deep dish pizza. What in the world!? Is it on anybody’s diet? NO. But you only live once, blah blah blah, so let’s do it!

Sausage and onion

The recipe called for sausage, and I’m a sucker for hot Italian sausage instead of the sweet. I broke it apart and started cooking, then added the diced onions. After that was cooked, it was time for garlic powder and pizza sauce.

I will admit I strayed a little from the recipe here. It actually called for tomato puree, but I got some Rao’s pizza sauce instead. I like their sauces a lot, a large part because they don’t put sugar in them! Most sauces (and everything else, it seems) have sugar in them. Even mayonnaise! Ick.

I put the dough on the parchment paper and plopped it in. It was somewhere around this time that I realized the recipe was using a 6-quart crockpot and I was using a 9-quart crockpot. Hmm.

I added mozzarella on the bottom, and then the sauce. I forgot to get a picture of the sauce, bu you can see it peeking through the second layer of cheese. I sliced some olives up and threw them on too.

Finally, the pepperoni. Now, *somebody* in this house likes pepperoni just fine, and the other LOVES it. So half was double (or triple) pepperoni, and my half was normal. Haha!

The pizza was supposed to cook on high for two and a half hours, so we went on a little garden walk with the cats to shave off some of the time. Burt had to show us how strong he is and climbed up a tree. The other pictures I got were either of his butt or he was very far up, so this was the best I could do this time.

But let’s fast forward, shall we? I checked on it a few times, knowing it would cook faster with a thinner crust (with the difference of the crockpot sizes), and it did indeed cook a lot faster.

Oh my, this was a tasty adventure! It was delicious! I think I’d like to try it in the cast iron skillet, too, but this was very good. I would DEFINITELY make this again.

If you’d like the recipe, this is where you can get it:

And if you do make it, let me know how it goes in the comments!

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