Story Time

I haven’t blogged a ton lately, for a few reasons. I’ve been working (of course), I’ve been re-doing the spare room into my office (that was well worth it!), and I’m writing a book.

I’m thinking about writing a little series on this blog, but I’d really like to hear your thoughts on this. Is anybody interested in reading short bits that add up? It would be fiction, possibly a mystery. I would probably write once a week. I might write the first bit up to see if I can get some feedback, but what do you think, friends??

In the meantime, here’s my little office!

The room can still accommodate guests, as well

I’m very happy with how it turned out. I still have some painting to do, but that’s about it. I love being in this space, and I’m getting a fair amount of writing done!

Pretty please, make a comment to let me know if a story series (along with my regular stuff) sounds like something you wouldn’t mind (or might even like).

Published by aimee

It all started with my friend, Christine. She called me a Viking. It's because I like endurance sports as well as lifting heavy things. Plus, my heritage includes Norwegians... It struck a chord somewhere deep down. I suddenly liked the idea of not having to be a small, slender person. I could be strong and thick. I could have mass. I don't want to be overweight or obese, mind you. I just don't like trying to be a waif when that is very likely unattainable to me. I have muscle (under this fat). I like being strong. So this is my journey of becoming more fit and liking the fact that I will never, NEVER weigh 120 pounds.

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