McMenamins: The Edgefield

Some of my gal pals and I decided to go on a girl’s trip to The Edgefield. The Edgefield is a fantastic place to go, especially for adults (in my opinion). There are multiple places to eat and drink, along with a spa and a soaking pool. So, we planned a trip here in the winter, along with a hike.

Here’s the view from my twin room. The Edgefield is a McMenamins facility. They are well known for taking things like old schools and repurposing them into hotels and such. There’s also a hostel in this one, so if you want to stay on the cheap, you totally can! I chose to get a twin room, which is also pretty inexpensive.

Another view from my window.

All the rooms are quirky, but you can see why this is a twin room. It’s small, but sweet and cozy. I love it!

There are lots of hidden gems to be on the watch for, such as this pipe. See the face on the elbow?

Here’s another face… I don’t know who painted them all, but it’s so cool!


There are cocktails as well as their own brand of wine, made somewhere nearby, I believe.

This is their version of a French 75, which was quite tasty!

We stopped at Lucky’s pool hall and played some shuffleboard. None of us were good at it, and all four of us had a blast!

Random art is all over the place. On the walls, the pipes, everywhere!

There’s still a very distinct “school” feel to it. It feels like I went to elementary school here, although I certainly did not. I love it.

Even the water fountains gave me flashbacks.

On some floors, the bathrooms were segregated into women’s and men’s. On this floor, you could just go into the bathroom area…

…and you’d find several separate bathrooms, all with showers. One of them had a clawfoot bathtub.

This is one of my favorites, which continues below.

This was the area where my room was in. All the different lights were amazing, and the art was psychedelic.

I wonder who these people are…

They also put the names of artists and bands on the wall who have performed there. They have concerts, mostly during the summer months. I was amazed to see Lizzo had been there! And then I saw this:

Wow! That’s awesome!

These two were part of one big corner. You can see they’re all puppets. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that. But in my defense, when you’re looking at it in person, it’s hard to take in all of the details at once.

From what it looks like, the bank took people’s homes away, and they came to this place for shelter and to work.

I love this one. It is in one of the lady’s lounges (women’s bathrooms).

It was actually pretty dark when I took this picture, and I was amazed at how it turned out! I think it’s an old silo? It isn’t in use, obviously, but it’s still beautiful.

This is their red water tower. You saw this in one of the pieces of wall art above, with the two old ladies.

Here’s their wonderful soaking pool! It’s one of the best reasons to go to the Edgefield!

It’s very common to see people walking around in their terrycloth hooded robes that are provided by The Edgefield. You’ll see them going to or coming from the soaking pool. There’s a little stand where you can buy drinks at the poolside, and it’s also where Ruby’s Spa is.

We went to the Powell Butte Nature Park for our hike. It was overcast and windy, with occasional rain. It’s too bad, because we couldn’t see Mt. Hood!

I don’t know what kind of tree this is, but it’s impressive in person.

When the wind wasn’t blowing, it was quite nice!

My friend Leelah and I stayed on the top, traveling on gravel and dirt. The paths are extremely well traveled and maintained.

I believe you can have dogs, but they must be on a leash.

I do wish it had been a clear day – this would have been a fun view of part of the city and Mt. Hood. Maybe next time!

We may go to a different McMenamins next time, we’re still working out the details. I highly recommend The Edgefield, though. The Black Rabbit restaurant has outstanding food that is priced decently. The cocktails are yummy, but not strong. The wine is wonderful. The whole place is quirky and so much fun! I’ve stayed a couple of nights here before, and never left the premises. There’s plenty to do, eat, and drink.

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