Mayonnaise Soup

There are a couple of reasons why I like to make my own mayonnaise. It’s delicious, of course, but also, store-bought mayo has sugar in it. I’m not a fan. I use mayonnaise for savory things, and I don’t want sweet mayo (sorry, Miracle Whip). Let’s not even talk about all the chemicals and preservatives.

Then there’s the whole issue of flavors. I can add a touch of garlic, as much or as little salt, a little lemon, whatever I want. So yeah, I like to make my own mayo. I found a good recipe recently, and a solid technique, so I was very surprised when I went to make mayonnaise and ended up with mayo soup.

This stuff would NOT emulsify or whatever needed to be done! I tried the fixes that I found on the internet: I added another egg yolk. Nope. I added more oil. Nope. I added a couple of teaspoons of boiling water. Nope, nope, nope! Soup is what I had.

I made it twice. I ended up using four eggs, two and a half cups of oil, and marginal vinegar, mustard, and salt. I was… well, not furious, but pretty frustrated. I couldn’t understand what when wrong! Don’t worry, I’ll tell you.

Our sweet boy kitty wanted to help, but he knows he’s not allowed on the countertops. He got creative when I opened the drawer.

That wasn’t enough, so he soon jumped up on my shoulder for a better view.

Here’s what I did wrong:
1. I used the jar I wanted to keep it in, and I really needed something smaller. The yolk would get whipped into the oil, but it wasn’t contained enough for it to emulsify with it. So, I needed a smaller container to make it in. Luckily, Cuisinart makes just such a container, and it’s even marked with measurements, making it easy to add the correct amount of oil without using a measuring cup.

2. I didn’t let the egg get to room temperature. Now, I don’t know why that’s such a big deal, but I made mayonnaise today, and I let that egg sit out for a couple of hours. I’ll be damned if I’m making more soup!

Look at that thick, creamy mayonnaise! I put in a little garlic, and “Mwha!” (*kissing fingers*) THIS is what mayo is supposed to look like!

Now that I know how I erred, I’m hoping this will reach somebody else who doesn’t understand why they are making mayo soup. May my answers be your answers.

Published by aimee

It all started with my friend, Christine. She called me a Viking. It's because I like endurance sports as well as lifting heavy things. Plus, my heritage includes Norwegians... It struck a chord somewhere deep down. I suddenly liked the idea of not having to be a small, slender person. I could be strong and thick. I could have mass. I don't want to be overweight or obese, mind you. I just don't like trying to be a waif when that is very likely unattainable to me. I have muscle (under this fat). I like being strong. So this is my journey of becoming more fit and liking the fact that I will never, NEVER weigh 120 pounds.

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