Mt Pisgah 29Mar2022 (Trails 1 -> 6 -> 36)

I haven’t been to Mt. Pisgah in years! It’s a very popular place to hike, with many trails to vary your hike from time to time. It’s a pay-to-park, but you can get a yearly pass if you think you’ll be there a lot. The park doesn’t open until 10 am, and when I gotContinue reading “Mt Pisgah 29Mar2022 (Trails 1 -> 6 -> 36)”

Hardesty Trailhead to Goodman Creek Trail 21Mar2022

Today should have had a different title, but I’m getting ahead of myself. A friend texted me saying that her friend (I have met her a couple of times) wanted to go hiking with me. She hikes on her own but would like to have a buddy to go with. Sweet! We chatted and cameContinue reading “Hardesty Trailhead to Goodman Creek Trail 21Mar2022”

Falls with a Friend 11Mar2022

Today I went on a short hike at McDowell Creek Falls, but this time I had my good friend Christine with me! I’ve often thought about her when I go on hikes, and think of myself as trying to get a little closer to her level of hiking. Christine backpacks, and has done almost allContinue reading “Falls with a Friend 11Mar2022”

Eugene to Crest Trail 08Mar2022

This hike was really about having a little more of a challenge. I’ve been sticking to hikes I feel comfortable with, and this one scared me… just a little. It’s not the longest hike I’ve done, or the most elevation gain, but it is the most I will have done solo. Also, it just feltContinue reading “Eugene to Crest Trail 08Mar2022”

Mount Baldy Loop 04Mar2022

On this day, I really struggled to get out to hike. I was tired and had a lot of chores and errands. Thankfully, there’s always a hike nearby. I got myself together and picked a new one. This particular hike had me starting where some very wealthy homes are located. I felt a little likeContinue reading “Mount Baldy Loop 04Mar2022”

Mossy Maple Trail 23Feb2022

It’s cold. I mean, it’s not in the negative numbers or anything, but I seriously considered hopping on my indoor bike for some exercise. However, it’s sunny and I have to get in some sun when I can… so, hiking it is! The water was frozen, and the gravel pathway was extra crunchy. I wasContinue reading “Mossy Maple Trail 23Feb2022”

Ridgeline Trail to Spencer Butte 17Feb2022

There are a lot of times when I hike when I think about my skill level, or athletic ability. One of the reasons I started hiking is because it’s easy to find a hike that will fit my ability. It’s also nice that it’s not expensive… unless you want it to be. This was oneContinue reading “Ridgeline Trail to Spencer Butte 17Feb2022”