Eugene to Crest Trail 08Mar2022

This hike was really about having a little more of a challenge. I’ve been sticking to hikes I feel comfortable with, and this one scared me… just a little. It’s not the longest hike I’ve done, or the most elevation gain, but it is the most I will have done solo. Also, it just feltContinue reading “Eugene to Crest Trail 08Mar2022”

Mount Baldy Loop 04Mar2022

On this day, I really struggled to get out to hike. I was tired and had a lot of chores and errands. Thankfully, there’s always a hike nearby. I got myself together and picked a new one. This particular hike had me starting where some very wealthy homes are located. I felt a little likeContinue reading “Mount Baldy Loop 04Mar2022”

Mossy Maple Trail 23Feb2022

It’s cold. I mean, it’s not in the negative numbers or anything, but I seriously considered hopping on my indoor bike for some exercise. However, it’s sunny and I have to get in some sun when I can… so, hiking it is! The water was frozen, and the gravel pathway was extra crunchy. I wasContinue reading “Mossy Maple Trail 23Feb2022”

Ridgeline Trail to Spencer Butte 17Feb2022

There are a lot of times when I hike when I think about my skill level, or athletic ability. One of the reasons I started hiking is because it’s easy to find a hike that will fit my ability. It’s also nice that it’s not expensive… unless you want it to be. This was oneContinue reading “Ridgeline Trail to Spencer Butte 17Feb2022”

Kentucky Falls 10Feb2022

My two best purchases recently have been my new Altra hiking shoes and Matilde (my Jeep). I don’t think I would have had much fun, or even made it to the hike, if it weren’t for them. The road to Kentucky Falls is a long one. You take a well-trafficked highway to a side road.Continue reading “Kentucky Falls 10Feb2022”

Spencer Butte: Up & Back 08Feb2022

I’ve hiked up Spencer Butte a few times, and I will a few times more. It seems like each time I go, I see something new. I thought the entire way would be foggy today, but I was pleasantly surprised at the top. I think I will try to hike this weekly…I want it toContinue reading “Spencer Butte: Up & Back 08Feb2022”

Alsea Falls & Green Falls 04Feb2022

My good friend MaryAnne went with me on today’s hike! MA and I have known each other for about 13 years now (how can that be?!?). We were both working at the Employment Dept., in the veteran’s section, in a work study gig. We were both doing our prerequisite courses for nursing, and (strangely) bothContinue reading “Alsea Falls & Green Falls 04Feb2022”

Mecca Flat – Trout Creek Trail 28Jan2022

There’s a hike in Madras that I wanted to do for a while. Madras is a bit of a drive though, and the mountain passes require chains, so I hadn’t gone yet. I had a coworker who lived in Madras and stayed with a friend when she was working (because it’s 150 miles away). IContinue reading “Mecca Flat – Trout Creek Trail 28Jan2022”