McMenamins: The Edgefield

Some of my gal pals and I decided to go on a girl’s trip to The Edgefield. The Edgefield is a fantastic place to go, especially for adults (in my opinion). There are multiple places to eat and drink, along with a spa and a soaking pool. So, we planned a trip here in theContinue reading “McMenamins: The Edgefield”

Powell Butte 15Jan2022 (plus The Edgefield!)

The Hubs and I went to the Edgefield McMenamins near Portland (Troutdale). On our way, we saw a great view of Mt. Hood… Please excuse the zoomed in picture – the colors were just too pretty to miss! We did try to keep freeway traffic, etc. out of the picture, hence the Big Zoom. TheContinue reading “Powell Butte 15Jan2022 (plus The Edgefield!)”