Drift Creek Falls Trail #1378 20May2022

A few work friends wanted to go hiking with me, and I got to pick the venue. I decided on a trail that’s not too long or difficult, but with good bang for the buck. This is one I’ve wanted to do for a little while. On the day of the hike, it ended upContinue reading “Drift Creek Falls Trail #1378 20May2022”

Falls with a Friend 11Mar2022

Today I went on a short hike at McDowell Creek Falls, but this time I had my good friend Christine with me! I’ve often thought about her when I go on hikes, and think of myself as trying to get a little closer to her level of hiking. Christine backpacks, and has done almost allContinue reading “Falls with a Friend 11Mar2022”

Silver Falls, OR 04Dec2021

Silver Falls is, I’m guessing, the most bang for the buck when it comes to hiking locally. We hiked 8.25 miles and saw 9 of the 10 waterfalls! (We skipped the Frenchie Falls – we would have had to back track a little to see it, and 8 miles is enough for me.) Today, myContinue reading “Silver Falls, OR 04Dec2021”