Spencer Butte: Up & Back 08Feb2022

I’ve hiked up Spencer Butte a few times, and I will a few times more. It seems like each time I go, I see something new. I thought the entire way would be foggy today, but I was pleasantly surprised at the top. I think I will try to hike this weekly…I want it toContinue reading “Spencer Butte: Up & Back 08Feb2022”

My Whoop & Me

I got a Whoop.  That sounds a little… naughty, doesn’t it?  A Whoop is a new activity tracker.  I’ve used my Apple watch for the last couple of years, but I don’t think it’s as accurate as I’d like, and the battery runs out fast.  I do love that I get texts on it… 🙂Continue reading “My Whoop & Me”

Day One

I ate pretty well today.  Breakfast was an egg and a sausage patty.  Lunch was an avocado (and a half) with plantain chips and sweet potato chips… with a string cheese.  Then dinner was chicken cordon bleu “pasta” with spaghetti squash.  The bad:  wine with my dinner.  I allow that on the weekends, but IContinue reading “Day One”