About Me

I am an Oregonian, but not necessarily a pluviophile.  I like to hike and bike, so blogging my adventures is my creative outlet to help motivate me to do those things.  Oh, also cooking.  I like cooking (mostly because I like eating).

I quit a very stressful job (nurse manager) in August of 2021 and went back to working on the floor.  Now I have days off!  As a manager, I worked too much and didn’t work out enough.  I now have the opportunity to get healthier, and that’s what I’m trying to do by hiking and biking, mainly.

I’m approaching 50 and I have a phenomenal husband who supports me in all my crazy hobbies, my work, and everything else.  We have two cats – perhaps the best cats in the existence of time and space.  Well… sometimes, anyway.  We have a quiet, mostly-drama-free life, and it’s wonderful.

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