Mecca Flat – Trout Creek Trail 28Jan2022

There’s a hike in Madras that I wanted to do for a while. Madras is a bit of a drive though, and the mountain passes require chains, so I hadn’t gone yet. I had a coworker who lived in Madras and stayed with a friend when she was working (because it’s 150 miles away). I figured I’d go on the hike and have coffee or lunch with her after.

Unfortunately, my coworker was hit by a drunk driver last week and she died at the scene.

So, I’m in Madras today. Her service is tomorrow. I went on my hike and thought about her, along with other things that one thinks about when somebody they know dies. This post is dedicated to AnnaMarie Wallace, RN.

When there wasn’t much traffic, I slowed down to take this pic. Through the pass, there was good weather and no need for chains. Woohoo! My car has very low clearance, so I can’t use chains, only snow socks.

Mt Washington, on the way…

The scenery has a drastic change when you cross the mountain pass. We go from the forest to the high desert, which I think is just beautiful.

I made it to the campground without any problems (except for the gravel road and my Mini Cooper… they’re not terribly compatible).

The trail is well-used and easy to follow. It leads straight to the Deschutes River, and is aptly named the Trout Creek Trail.

I love how the land is formed by the weather. Such lines and shadows!

The Deschutes is pretty tame here, allowing for great fishing.

The flora is so interesting! Everything looks dead, but it’s alive. I wonder what it all looks like during the spring?

I feel like Central Oregon is so dramatic. Shadows and sun and mountains…

I see things like this and think, “What happened here? Did it all happen at once, or did it erode slowly?”

I scared a lot of waterfowl on my hike. Turn up the volume to hear the ducks!

Some of the trail was nicely fortified with rocks.

It’s just so dang peaceful! I bet people float down on inner tubes during the summer.

I love signs like this. I like knowing I’m on the right path. Ha!

It was cold enough to still have frozen puddles. My ears were burning with the cold and wind. I almost broke out my knit cap, but wanted to keep my ball cap on because of the sun. THE SUN! The western part of Oregon gets a lot of rain, so it was really nice to see blue skies again.

I’m trying to take more selfies. Like many people, I have issues with self-esteem, etc., so I tend to delete pictures of myself. Well, I need to stop doing that.

If you look on the top of the far-right tree, you’ll see a bird perched up there…

It must be camera shy, because it flew away while I was trying to zoom in on it. Got it anyway!

My trail ended suddenly, and a lot sooner than I expected. The trail kept going, but it was on private land. I think there’s an easement, but it made me nervous that I had to climb over a barricade to do it. I mean, why else would they board it over like that? So, I turned around. It’s okay that the hike was short, it was still beautiful and fun.

More proof of beauty. This is one of my favorite shots, for some reason.

I also saw quite a few tracks…

Human, dog, racoon, deer, and horse. Maybe coyote?

There were a couple of little bridges like this. This one looked a little worse for wear, but it was still very sturdy.

Who wouldn’t want to live here? Or at least visit.

One more selfie. I need to work on this. I look too serious, and it doesn’t portray how happy I am!

This was nice. I’m not sure what kind of plant is being protected, but what a great place for a tribute. It was so peaceful and seemed like a nice fishing spot.

There were still quite a few muddy spots, but most of it had dried up.

Hello, self! There must have been a lot of water to make spots like this.

Here’s the actual campsite. There were a TON of sits to park at. This would be a great place to camp out with friends. A lot of friends.

On my way out of the campsite, looking at the land.

A cattleguard. I grew up with cattle and am very familiar with these. However…

… I’m not excited to see that. I mean, I guess it didn’t have any effect on the actual cattleguard, but it was still weird.

The road out. This section was okay, but there were other places that were not fun with my Mini. Potholes and rocks made me nervous. Did you know Mini Coopers do not have a spare tire? *nervous laughter*

This was the scariest thing I have seen in quite a while. When I drove by, I think I could see daylight shining (barely) way inside. Would I go investigate? Absolutely not. I’ve seen movies. I’m no dummy.

On my way home… It seems like there are so many mountains here! I’m just outside of Sisters, OR here.

It’s hard to tell, but here is part of the wildfire damage from 2020. It was a horrible and terrifying time.

Sad trees, black and stripped of most of their glory.

Ending on a good note, the above brunch was amaaaazing. Shrimp and cheesy grits! With EGGS! Big props to the Cottonwood Cafe! Check out the menu, and if you’re in Sisters, OR, give them a try!

I do hope I get to do more hikes in Central Oregon. I’m sorry I waited on this one, but life is like that sometimes. You never know what is around the corner. Overall, it was a beautiful hike and I would recommend it for anyone. It was very easy and short, but the beauty makes it worth it.

Distance: 2.24, Elevation Gain: 131 ft.

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