Clearwater Ride 04May2022

I’ve been waiting. Waiting for another day like today. We had an okay day yesterday – it didn’t get cold, but it also didn’t get warm. It didn’t rain, but there wasn’t much sun. NOT TODAY, MY FRIENDS.

With a day like this, I decided to go on another bike ride. This one would be a bit more in the urban areas, but we have some pretty good bike paths here. I took a bike path near my home to a local park to start it off.

This is a wonderful park with a lot of space to do whatever. Look at ducks, sunbathe, ride a bike or walk, picnic… the list goes on. As desperate as us Oregonians are for sun, I definitely saw some sunbathers in bathing suits, shorts and tanks, and long-sleeved attire. The shades of pale were astounding. To be honest, I probably could be considered a reflective safety device at this point. (I’m talking to you, NASA. Hit me up!)

The bike paths vary from smooth to bumpy, asphalt and concrete. There are a lot of people sharing them, and my favorites are the less populated ones. On a day like today, though, there were quite a few people out and about.

When I used to bike to work (before 12-hour shifts), this was part of my commute, and one of my favorite parts. The sun would be coming up just to the left and the field would glow, sun shining through the dew. I don’t know how many pictures I took of the same thing, each time looking different and new.

It was right about here, taking this picture, when I saw that I had a text from Christine. She and our friend Jim were going on a ride, and I was invited. I thought, “Well, yeah. Why not?” So I changed my course ever so slightly and headed to where they were.

We decided to go to the Clearwater path, with runs through Springfield (home of the Simpsons, it’s true!). There weren’t many people on this path, making it a fan favorite immediately.


There were places to rest or fish, depending on where you were. This is a path I’ll have to come back to, for sure!

There’s also a lumber mill, which you would think would be loud and stinky. I was surprised at how quiet it was… and how good it smelled! The wood was almost sweet smelling! I didn’t mind passing by here at all.

After the Clearwater and Jasper areas, we headed back. I split off at a certain point because it made more sense for where I lived. Back toward Eugene I go!

This is actually part of Pre’s Trail, a path dedicated to Steve Prefontaine, the famed runner. There are a lot of bark trails for running, and bike paths for just about everything – biking, walking, running, etc.

The path goes directly under the interstate, which is quite loud.

The path also goes right behind the University of Oregon (go Ducks!), before heading back to the park and downtown, or wherever you want to go. This was a pretty flat ride, and a lot of fun today. I’m slow, but I’m doing it. I want to start doing hills, but… oh, my legs! I’m afraid! I’m proud of how far I went today, understanding that I still have a lot of work to do. I need to do hills and distance. But it’ll come.

Distance: 28.34 miles; Elevation: 274 feet

Published by aimee

It all started with my friend, Christine. She called me a Viking. It's because I like endurance sports as well as lifting heavy things. Plus, my heritage includes Norwegians... It struck a chord somewhere deep down. I suddenly liked the idea of not having to be a small, slender person. I could be strong and thick. I could have mass. I don't want to be overweight or obese, mind you. I just don't like trying to be a waif when that is very likely unattainable to me. I have muscle (under this fat). I like being strong. So this is my journey of becoming more fit and liking the fact that I will never, NEVER weigh 120 pounds.

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